Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Courage of My Convictions

We sat at a busy intersection, safely tucked within 3,500 lbs of metal and plastic, the red light keeping us captive long enough to watch the scene unfolding at the gas station nearby. 

A quick movement caught my attention. Seconds went by before I knew exactly what I was watching. A dance, violent and involuntary. A man, maybe 40 or maybe 20 and life’s just taken it’s toll out on his lanky thin body, was throwing himself here and there, doing high kicks repeatedly, boxing his arms high in the air, jumping and spinning. The medical term is punding but the street term is tweaking. Picture Frankenstein trying to break dance and you have an idea. At any rate, this was as violent tweaking as I’d ever seen; throwing his body to and fro. 

What surprised me was the couple pumping gas just feet away. The woman driver had her window down. She was calm and unaffected. The man was gassing up the car as if there was no one there. Honestly I would have been freaking out, frightened by his behavior, not knowing what he would do next. Not them! She talked to him or rather tried to. I don’t think he was able. 

My heart broke for him, meth is a harsh master, and I envied her ability to interact in such a kind, loving way. She was brave and I would have loved to have a little more of that. 

Maybe I’ll try to fake it till I make it. 


  1. I'd be leery of interacting too, just in case he had a weapon or something. Meth is nasty.

  2. I would not have been able to do as the woman did. It would have scared me into inaction and I would have been out of there quickly.

  3. nope nope nope, I'd GTFO if I saw a tweeker.

  4. I think I missed something. How do you know it was meth and not just a mentally ill person?
    I am apparently so clueless that I would have thought him harmless and would not have known it was any type of behavior from drugs.

    1. I don’t glorify this behavior but take a look at this. There are tell tell signs that are unique to meth.

      My guy was much worse than her. I am so saddened by these guys and how they are reacting.

    2. well that was disturbing. Why would someone video this and allow them to drive off? I'd call the police, they need help, not made fun of. I would hope I would assist in some way and not walk away but who knows until it happens. I think I liked not knowing about this. Can't unsee it now. This is meth huh?


    3. Yes. Those videographers are despicable. Like I said I do not think they should be treated this way. They need empathy and help but I guess what I’m saying is I fall short in this area because they scare me more than anything else. Think of something that your really afraid of (ie. spiders snakes clowns) and you may know that the threat to you is negligible but the fear reaction is over the top. That’s me with these guys. Big ole fear.

  5. I don't know what I'd do. I don't have a clue.

  6. I would want to leave asap. You never know if the person has a gun, knife or anything crazy. People get upset talking about anything these days. That is a sad way to think but you read stories about bad situations. Then add drugs, it's just not a nice place to be.
    Enjoy your weekend, Linda.


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