Coming Home

My sisters, who have decided to settle in the PNW for their retirement, sold their home in 3 days. They had 11 offers and settled on one that was just shy of $200,000 over asking price. Apparently, horse property in the Los Angeles area is getting harder and harder to find. Additionally, it costs about $600.00 to $700.00 per month to board a horse in an uncovered corral….and much more if you want a stable! So having it on your own property is a real plus. I had no idea how expensive a hobby it has become. 

They will head in this direction no more than 55 days from today. Knowing my sisters, it will be sooner than that. My other sister Pam is selling a cabin in the Big Bear area of California at the same time but I don’t think that will slow the process. 

I am thrilled beyond words to have them come my way. I adore all my sisters as they each hold of piece of my mom within them. A way of moving, a turn of phrase, it never fails to make me smile when I see her inside them.

This morning my heart swells with gratitude. 


  1. That's wonderful news! It's lovely to have family nearby. (most of the time!)

  2. Yay! Sisters in your area! Oh the joy!

  3. How wonderful to have your sisters move closer to you. Family love is the best! (NewRobin13)


  4. That will be wonderful for you and for them. I didn't realize how big your family was.

  5. How beautiful to have your sisters around. I have my sister around and it's the best. I am very grateful for that. Be strong and enjoy each other.


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