Vai. E, se der medo, vai con medo mesmo.

When one is raised in an angry family, it’s not enough to say I don’t want to be angry. You must learn how to do it differently. That’s no easy task. If judgment and self hatred became a way of life, a new way to live has to be taught.

There are many ways to do it. Reading, writing, sharing, practicing all help the change. Counseling, psychoanalysis, religion, meditation, gratitude, have the ability to transform but I needed to see it in action, it needed to be more tangible, visual, accessible. I needed to understand the possibilities.

There is a YouTube channel that I watch over and over again in order to absorb how to live more fully, more open and from the heart. One of the first episodes that I stumbled on is this….

The channel is Reflections of Life and through it we get to meet people who are doing life a little differently, often more soul based. People who are living life, healing wounds and finding what is truly important. 

It can be scary to change who we have been, to try to redefine but……

Go! And if you are scared, go scared.


  1. I don't like being angry either, but sometimes it is appropriate to be angry. I also know what my main triggers are now, feeling overwhelmed, hunger and fatigue. Probably true of most humans:)

    We are all making our way. Sending hugs.

  2. I love the peace of this message, the calm way he interacts with the world. Great message. Thank you for sharing, Linda!


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