Right As Rain

Occasionally, while she is sleeping, our dog Scruffy has dreams. Sometimes we imagine she’s chasing Chesters (squirrels) or a rogue rabbit. It’s all for fun, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Every once in a while, the dream seems to be more bothersome to her with yelps and yips. She can be pretty vocal and wake us up. Every time it happens like that, I wait to hear the deep calming voice coming from the other side of the bed or the other end of the couch saying, “You’re ok, it’s alright”, over and over until Scruffy settles back down. Honestly I don’t know if she hears him at all but she quickly quiets and her breathing returns to deep and regular. 

As a child I longed to feel safe with someone, a person who could soothe the fear of the uncertain. Neither parent was able to do that. I have developed an internal voice that tells me “it’s ok” when things don’t feel all that ok. It’s not smooth and rich and buttery like Boy Scouts but it’s a comfort just the same. 

Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright. Everything is going to work out. 


  1. Everything works out indeed--not always the way we want or expect but whatever situation it is falls into place. Eventually.

  2. Sorry, that last comment was me. Normally, my name shows up without me doing anything. Weird.

  3. This is so reassuring to read. Wonderful.

  4. Love this, Linda! On so many levels!

  5. Scruffy is darling. And I bet Boy Scout is, too!


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