I Hear What You Are Saying

Surprise Surprise!!!!

As you may remember, my right ear has been hearing so well from that 1st surgery that the fact that the left side surgery was a failure was not heart breaking. More just disappointing. 

Last Monday my left hearing aid started acting up. It popped and then screeched and then was just way too loud. Made an appointment to get the darn thing adjusted and went on my merry way. Went to my surgery final follow up, which included a hearing test, and, lo and behold, I found out that my left ear surgery finally kicked in. Not sure if it related to the POP I heard on Monday but, at this point, most of my hearing is in the moderate or moderately severe range except for a few of the lower frequencies which are still profound.

Overall, I am ecstatic! I could not have dreamed of a better outcome. Still need those aids but grateful for living in a time where they are available and also that the costs are coming down. The last set cost about $10K. With the change in laws, and the fact that my hearing is not so atypical as it was, I may be looking at more like $4K. Much more doable. 

Happy happy happy!


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