Give Them An Inch.....

My man has had a lot of growth recently. In the past he was known to others as a personable guy with a ready story or joke that frequently danced on the edge of impropriety, often the life of the party. He could easily be the loudest person in the room with his deep, rich voice that has soft hints of butter. If he sang, it would be a strong bass. He does sing but only to me.

He could also be a little cocky and would put people in their place with a dry wit that could singe. A person might be hurt but Boy Scout would do it with a smile and a joke. Many times he got off the hook for his comments because it would almost make the other person look overly sensitive to react. 

Today, at school, his professor pulled him aside and said she needed to speak to him. He cringed inside, wondering what off-color thing he might have said, who he might have unintentionally insulted. She quietly said that she noticed that he has a good rapport with most of the other students and that one of them, Joe, seemed to be very comfortable with him. Joe, being very shy, has not opened up to the teacher and she is worried he is struggling. Every student in the class needs to present a powerpoint presentation and she wondered if the Boy Scout would check in with Joe, see how things are going and if he needs any help. The teacher had pulled the Boy Scout aside for just being a good guy who is nice to everyone, making them feel at ease.

Boy Scout was pretty choked up when he spoke of this interaction. It reflected the hard work he has been doing on himself and the healing he has experienced in the past 3 years. Whether I am proud of him or not makes no difference. He was proud of himself. Lovely.

I may have had a hand at getting him to start his journey, but the work has been all his. I gave an inch and he’s taking it all the way home. 


  1. I'll be honest, when we met we never saw him as anything but a personable, warm, kind and nice man. I'm glad he was given this task. :-) 🧡

  2. This post made me tear up. What a testament to Boy Scout's growth and his kindness!

  3. Wonderful! That's the kind of person to aspire to be!

  4. It's nice to see that change and growth are possible.

  5. It is so touching when another recognizes some of the good in us!

  6. What a wonderful story. The boy scout was recognized for what he has achieved. Yes! (NewRobin13)

  7. What a great story, thanks so much for sharing.


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