Sunday, September 4, 2022


Meet Chuck.....

A nice guy. He's here to help me with the irrigation system that has gone afoul. It's a big yard so the irrigation system is important. It's hard to keep things alive with just a couple of hose sprinklers made more for kids to play in in the summer than to do a thorough watering. 

I give Chuck a summary of what I have attempted so far. Check water flow, rewired siphons in case of rust or disconnect, fiddled with the RainBird checking for loose wires. None of it worked, hence Chuck.

He does all the same things. It takes him a good long while to figure it out. Since it was a "HOME JOB", by the previous owner, the wire going from the RainBird to the first siphon, which would normally be a different color than the rest, is black like the rest of them. Someone, who has worked on the siphons in the not too distant past, seemed to have found a "lose" wire and wrapped it around the first siphon. Moles buried the siphons more than normal and I did not see that lose wire which happened to be the MAIN wire. He hooks it up and all is well.

Boy Scout comes home and Chuck is filling him in on the know....Man to Man. He doesn't know I am standing behind him in the garage when he throws me under the bus saying that I probably didn't realize that the lose wire needed to be connected. YUP, because a stray unconnected wire is a good thing ?!?!?!, and being a woman, I guess I didn't know better.

I showed him I knew a little about irrigation systems when he showed up. I irrigated one yard on my own and maintained a second on a later house we lived in. It's like a great puzzle....a lot of fun.

Well, Boy Scout didn't bother to be my advocate but that's ok. I am my own advocate. I know I didn't take a loose wire and wrap it around that first siphon.

Ah well, $150 bucks later and we got irrigation going.

This morning Boy Scout smiles and says, "Which zone are you going to water today?"

That question says it all.



  1. Well that was definitely an irritating encounter. Yes, MEN!

  2. Mensplaining is the term for that. I have one of these guys in my kitchen showing me how to properly stack the dishwasher. But he only does that since he retired, in all the years he (and I for that matter) worked it was apparently faultless.

  3. Ignore the men. I'm very impressed with how much you know about irrigation systems. Wow.

  4. As women, we know that from our childhood.

  5. oooh that would fry my ass. Just sayin'. You are a better woman than me.


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