Thursday, June 30, 2022


I've met someone!

Not to worry, it is not a rival for my affections. Boy Scout is just fine.

I've had a couple of "dates" with a gal I met recently and this little introvert's heart, that has been so lonely for friendship since moving to Portland, is beginning to fill again. 

I've never needed a lot of friends. To be honest, the idea of fostering many good friendships is exhausting to me. I keep most people at a secondary or even third circle away. People I like a lot and will chat with, not necessarily avoid when I see them at a store, and enjoy the interaction thoroughly. Still, there is something that tells me that they don't belong on the inner circle. Few do. I put a lot of effort into those people and am glad to do it. That effort drains my energy but I come away so glad I did. It's quite like a good bit of exercise: you know it's good for you, you feel great afterwards but it doesn't mean you aren't physically drained in the process.

This gal seems to be a kindred spirit and I am excited to see where it goes.

Meanwhile, my son is here visiting. He just quit his lab job, packed up his apartment in the Bay Area and on Monday I will take him to PDX to send him off to his next big adventure. New York here he comes. He has a studio in Manhattan that he will share with his partner and their cat Holly-go-lightly. His partner is finishing her last year in graduate school. Her final project is nearly finished. She has written a biography of Liv Ullmann, whom she adores, and will attempt to get it published upon completion. My boy will begin his masters program in micro cellular biology. No idea what he'll be up to :) Truthfully, it's way above my pay grade.

I shall miss him but am so pleased for this incredible adventure.


  1. I don't have a lot of friend either, for the same reasons. Probably one of the reasons I like blogging, it allows me to connect with others on my terms.
    Congrats to your son. I am envious. I didn't realize there were jobs like that when I was young, mind you, I was too busy with drama when I was young to have applied myself. Good on him and his partner.

  2. I loved reading this post! All the good news is so wonderful. So happy for you and your new friendships. Your son and his love's new adventure sounds so exciting. I'm looking forward to hearing more about their NY adventures.

  3. It's always great to meet a kindred spirit -- enjoy this friendship! And good luck to your son, his partner and their cat too!

  4. How exciting for both of you!! So happy you found someone you like spending time with! That, in itself, is such an accomplishment these days! HA! And really excited for your son - NY is such a wonderful, magical place in my heart...I am sure he will love school there!! So many hugs!

  5. This made me so happy for you!!!
    I long for girlfriends here. I understand the lonely. I miss the impromtu parties on my patio with fun neighbors, and I miss calling someone to say hey, wanna meet me at the trails by the winery and go for a walk around the war trails and stop at the winery when we're done? I am with my man 24/7. I love him dearly as you know, but a girl needs a girlfriend near by. I miss the chatting, bitching, all of it. Oh well. I will live vicariously through you. Keep us posted. I wish you a long friendship and lots of warm fuzzies! 🧡

  6. How lovely! It's always nice to meet someone you can connect with. This post really resonates with me. I like my circle small. Good luck to your son! What an exciting time for him.

  7. My grief has caused me to be extra introverted. It is a lonely place but I think I am using this time wisely as I allow myself to just be. I crave friendship but like you said I also don't allow many people, if any, into my inner circle. Feels like loneliness has been my constant companion for years. At the moment I'm ok with it. But I do feel a change coming in the wind and I will keep my eyes open for a new friend to enter my life soon. Miss you friend.

  8. How exciting for everyone! here's hoping your new friendship blossoms, your son finds his new academic chapter fulfilling and his partner gets her book published!

  9. What a good news post. A kindred spirit for you and a great adventure for your son! Good luck all!


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