Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Past Comes Back

I was talking to my eldest on Mother's Day. We had a sweet hour of sharing when the subject of her old friends came up. She told me how much she appreciated how hard I worked at getting to know them all and caring for them. It was a kind thing for her to say. It was work. I didn't always like the kids friends but I did try.

Anyhooo, as we talked, I got a couple of Mother's Day greetings from a few of those old friends. Perfect timing. My eldest's best girlfriend was Marisa and the two of them had been together through thick and thin. Now in their mid 30's the two of them don't talk all that much but still love each other. I received a warm greeting and the two of us texted back and forth. They are now gong by Mars and live in Chicago. They are savvy and creative. They referred to me as a sort of surrogate mom and I delightfully accepted that.

It made my day just that much sweeter.


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