Thursday, January 13, 2022

What A Shock!

Still no job but I've got a call in to Oregon Vocational Rehab. Not at all sure what they will have to offer an old gal that is very hard of hearing but we shall see.

The hearing aids have had a go over. They are state of the art for Atypical hearing loss and in fine working order but it's kind of like trying to drive a car with no spark plugs. When the loss is severe to profound no amount of amplification will fix it. I simply do not hear much in the low or high frequencies. Many people just sound like Charlie Brown's school teacher. Wah wah wah!

It's all good though. I've, for the moment, given up fretting about what will be and am accepting that I will keep trying until I find something that is a good fit. We shall see.

Got an electrician coming today....Yay! I've been needing some GFCI outlets installed. I've done it for myself before but this house is wired differently so I think I'll watch what he is doing and go from there on the rest. Not worth risking a shock or, worse yet, a fire.


  1. Do you know sign language at all? Have you tried to learn lip reading, although right now with masks, it's not a great time.

    1. Lip reading is definitely part of my repertoire (or was before COVID). Sign language is only good if the people closest to me do it also, so the answer is no for the time being.

  2. "And she persisted" -- keep on keeping on, as they say!

  3. Who knows? Maybe it is news about the perfect job!

  4. Glad you're having a professional in this time, given the wiring is unfamiliar to you! Better safe than sorry!

  5. I am terrified of messing with anything electric. We had a few plug installed in our Portland house soon after moving in so we just paid the pro.

  6. Smart idea getting an electrician for a first time in a new place. Watch like a hawk. And you never know -- this could be the one!

  7. I am experiencing hearing loss. I'm constantly saying, "What? What did you say? I can't hear you." I was looking online at OTC hearing aids, but then read about them and they may not be as good as I had hoped. Are there really good hearing aids? I probably should go see a doctor, but that means going into a doctor's office and having tests done. During this pandemic that scares me. So... I wait and say, "What?" very often. I hope everything works out for you in every way there.


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