Monday, November 29, 2021

Write Home About It

We've been busy busy. This little old house is coming along. 

I'm feeling accomplished.  I've cleaned out a slow moving drain 2x, painted the master, the large guest and the main bathroom. I replaced one toilet with good results and one that I had to call the plumber on to get a new flange put in. Ah well, I tried. Installed a shelf, got the IRobot working again, hung the large TV on the wall (and it's done right!!), removed 5 sets of old blackout draperies and their hardware and sorted out my plants as best I could. Most of the artwork is hung.

Here are a few pics. 

old bath

old bath and old Boy Scout

Mini re-do

old guest

Guest with new paint

old master wall color ( I don't do blue walls, they make me sad)

New master wall color. Doing all white for the time being.

Next I would like to remove the wood paneling in the livingroom and I need to head to the city and get a DBA before I get in trouble for doing business here without one.

The Boy Scout is still working the yard and sorting out the garage with great accomplishments under his belt. 

Settling into home.


  1. You SHOULD feel accomplished! That's a lot of work. And your house is terrific! Love each and every photo!

  2. It's looking good. Glad to read that you are settling in and making a home for yourselves.

  3. Wow!!! You do such great work. I am truly impressed by what you can accomplish. I wish I could do half of what you do. Well done, Linda, truly well done.

  4. Looking great! You're quite the DIY-er!

  5. It all looks great! I love your master bedroom with the sliding glass doors out to the back garden. What a lovely spot, which you've made even better by your hard work! I hope you will be very happy there as you make it your own.

  6. Nice work. Hey, I once had a very vivid dream where I was instructed never to sleep in a room painted blue. I woke assuming my unconscious mind was reminding me that I had a tendency towards depression and should use more stimulating or neutral colors.

  7. Paint can make such a difference! Love what you are doing with your home!

  8. Great job sure you don't want to help me?
    Once we lived in a 70s place with wood paneling. I primed it and painted it until we could afford to remove, drywall etc. It looked good painted - think of it like shiplap only vertical. LOL. When you're done you know you can always help me.

  9. You have been busy. I'm not a fan of blue rooms either although my laundry room is bluish. The color is called seafoam and to me I can see the green in it.

    I would paint the paneling too. I've seen it done and it looks nice.

  10. You are very talented. I'm fairly handy with a paint brush but that's about it. I'd feel very accomplished if I could replace a toilet. Enjoy your new house.


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