Sunday, September 26, 2021

I Like You But........

I surprisingly find myself secretary/chairperson of an English Speaking ACA meeting in Munich Germany. Not quite sure how it happened but there you go. I love the Germans in this meeting. They are smart, introspective, serious and kind of funny in a quirky way.

Last week I prepped for the meeting which means typing out literature to copy and paste to the chat, have the meeting script up-to-date and putting any ACA news in the chat. I got all ready, started the zoom meeting and then I waited, and waited. About 5 minutes in I started to get nervous I had done something wrong. I went back and checked my zoom link, double checked I had the right time. It was good. Still nobody.

Then my brain started doing what my brain is wont to do. Brain: "Nobody likes this meeting anymore. You're not a good chair, you're boring. You're no good at it, not smart enough." Deep breathe. Heart: "No, no that's not it Linda. It must be something else." I google to see if there is a national German holiday. No holiday......hmmmm. Ok, well, not much could be done. Closed the meeting and comforted myself with positive words.

This week, I opened the meeting 10 minutes early. Two minutes before and still nobody there. I feel a twinge of nervousness but settle it down with breathing. Finally two people show at once. A third and then quickly behind them a 4th, 5th and 6th. It was a small meeting but they were all there with smiles on their faces. Apparently there had been an AA / ACA  combined miniature golf  “get together” that must have been very popular. They all went. 

It was nice to hear that it wasn't personal but, mostly, I was glad that I didn't use the occasion as an opportunity for self-flagellation. 

I like being liked but I like liking myself way more.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Nice job of holding off until you knew for sure the reason people didn't show up.

  2. There is nothing better than liking ones self. After all, partners, roommates and friends may move here and there -- but you're always with you!

  3. Wow, talk about being internationally involved!

  4. Good for you
    You pulled your bra straps up and did it

  5. While reading this I thought you were going to say the time difference was forgotten. Glad it worked out. I'd call this all progress. I think our new lives are gonna work out just fine!


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