Monday, September 20, 2021

All Present And Accounted For

A long day of looking at houses during a good rain. A job offer being thought over. Lots to consider. 

We get home and I turn back around to walk the dog out in the “green space” across the street. My thoughts are all over the place. In fact, everywhere but in the spot I am in. 

But then a light breeze captures my attention and I catch my breath. The universe is telling me to put my feet on the ground and be present. Noticing how my path is softened by the dried needles, I see them falling to the ground, cast out from their tall perches by a gentle breeze. Small brown flecks, some still glistening with the moisture that fell from the sky only minutes before. It was then I realized that I could hear it. The glorious sound of the wind in the pines breaks through my hearing loss and tells me to listen up. The dappled sunlight jumping across the golden path makes my heart squeeze with childlike delight. I am here, with a sweet natured 4 legged companion. What could possibly be better?

I could have easily missed it all.

I think my mindfulness practice might be working. 


  1. I think your mindfulness practice is definitely working! What a beautiful place for a walk and your words take me there.

  2. I love that you could hear the breeze. What a perfect moment.

  3. What a beautiful place to walk and practice your mindfullness. The dog is tuned in too. :)

  4. What an incredibly beautiful moment to savour!

  5. It looks and sounds perfect and you didn’t miss any of it.


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