Monday, March 29, 2021

Therein Lies the Problem

 Text from neighbor:

  • HEADSUP: Two friends of ours, both in their 50's, got appointments (this hour) for vaccinations at the CVS. Site is easy to navigate.  Good Luck
I gave it a try but I still did not qualify, not having any of the exceptions.

Me to Boy Scout:  I'd make the appointment but I don't want to lie. I'm not comfortable with that.

Boy Scout to Me: I get it. I wouldn't be either.

I stare at him astonished, he stares at me sheepishly, and we both start laughing hysterically.

Boy Scout, the man who cleverly omits facts, changes directions of conversations, can be honesty challenged when it is going to make him look bad and is known to boost his boasting in fantastical ways then says, almost ashamedly but not quite, "That was a lie." 

The man is working on it.  


  1. We’re all working on something.

  2. 🤣😂😂 We have now opened to everyone since we old farts got ours. Stop on by.

  3. Hey, working on it is a start!

  4. He was only 42 when he died. He doesn't look well in this video, worn out and going through the paces in an awful outfit. Poor man.

    As for your man, I have a hard time with liars, even though we all lie at times. For me you have no credibility when you lie to me and I have such a hard time trusting, lies kills trust for me.


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