Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Working Up An Appetite

When my kids were much younger I was a bit overwhelmed. 4 kids, 1 and 1/2 jobs, the underlying insanity of addiction (even though I was not aware of it) and ME....the ultimate control freak.

One of the many bright spots of being a mom to young kids was when my youngest, Gigi, got a little older and the other three were in school all day. We enjoyed having lunch together, just the two of us. When she entered school, kindergarten was all day except for Fridays. That girl and I made the most of our Fridays together. We had our favorites and since we are both light eaters, usually shared a meal of one kind or another. Or else we would go the the local supermarket and get two child sack lunches to go. A sandwich, apple, chips and a drink and off we would go to the park.

I love that we had that time together and feel that memory intensely whenever I go to a few specific restaurants. I walk in and smile.

My favorite women in the world with Gigi down in front


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