Saturday, February 27, 2021

Among Friends

We meet almost every week in one form or another. The four regulars plus the fill ins when the regulars can't show. 

The Boy Scout and I have been golfing together since very early in our relationship which is about to reach the 6 year mark. He's been golfing 55 of his 63 years and still would go a couple of times a week if the weather, his wallet and his partner were willing. His partner, on the other hand, prefers it to be above 65°  but below 98°, no gusty wind and, to be quite honest, once a week is plenty. 

I enjoy the sport, despite the frustration. It gets me out in the fresh air, a smidgeon of exercise and the opportunity to spend some time with old friends or make new ones. 

The guys tolerate me and my inexperience and I, trying with all my might, attempt to be a good sport on those days where I cannot seem to make the club face connect with the little ball no matter how hard I try. They cheer me on when things go well, give tips here and there and poke fun in a playful way. I love them all! 

As a wise main said, “Its a great day of life.”


  1. Fresh air, exercise and friends -- good times!

  2. It's nice to have a bunch of friends to share your day with and have fun.

  3. It sounds like a supportive group. What a good way to spend time with great people.

  4. Photos with smiling faces are the best!

  5. It looks like you're having a ball. I've never bonded with golfing. I always thought the fun part is hitting it and the more you hit it, the more fun it is. Most people you play with don't like that approach -- it takes too long. Ah, well. But the camaraderie might be worth it!

    1. I love your attitude Jeanie. They tend to grow impatient with too many swipes at the ball. I pick it up if it gets to high.


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