Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How What Why

Where did they come from
These waves and lines and creases
Reminding me of time that has passed
They weren’t there yesterday, they weren’t

How did they get here
These splats and splotches of warm brown
On a backdrop of creamy white
The sun is not your ally my young friends

When did it happen
As I lift my arm and notice
The looseness of the once taut skin
How odd to see it in the mirror attached to me

Why is it still here
My old friends: anger and fear
Did I say friends? I meant unwanted companions
Of all these things, I wish you gone the most

What do I need to do
Care for myself, be authentic
Stick to the program, forgiveness for all
Live and Let Live and One Day at a Time


  1. Aging is the great leveller, isn't it.

    1. It’s interesting. I spent so many years trying to do the healthy thing, excersice, eat healthy, no cigs, no booze and the reality is you are right.

  2. I fought aging tooth and nail, but it catches up to you sooner or matter how well you take care of yourself.

    1. So very true. Ah well, May as well embrace it

  3. I find the physical changes easy compared to the rest. Take care Linda.

  4. Well, the way I look at it, I'm lucky to have all these little aches, pains, a few brown spots, a lot of wrinkles, and some loose, baggy underarms. It beats NOT being around and not having any of them. ;)

  5. If I could see the wrinkles and loose skin I'd be upset too!

  6. We are vintage, aged and priceless with lots of experiences, good and bad. Onward we march like a fearless champion.
    Happy weekend to you, Linda!

  7. I am asking myself the same things, aging is not fun, I don't even care to be young young again, just, I dunno, 40? *grin* so walking the pup this morning I stopped and told myself "this is the youngest you'll ever be again, enjoy it!" and I shall if it kills me hee heeee hee, happy weekend

  8. We cannot escape age and genetics, but we can delay their effect on us,and that's not bad.

  9. A wonderful poem and you are exactly right. one Day at a time.


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