Friday, February 23, 2018

Right Now, Today

My inside self is outside of time and space. It doesn't have an age. I'm every age I've ever been, and so are you.
~Anne Lamott

Isn't that the truth? Like in the David Whyte poem I posted the other day, we are still those people we were when we were 10, 25 or 49.

What was your favorite time of life? When did you feel most yourself, full, rich and settled?

At first, I would say it was when I was a young mom. I loved that time....the caring, the being needed, working hard at being a good parent and the gorgeous, unconditional love of a young child. But on second thought I realized it is right now. RIGHT NOW. 

Yes, the body doesn't quite work as well and the lovely skin of my youth is now softer, thinner and graced with lines of laughter, longing, heartache and love but now is where I truly belong. Otherwise I am either living in the past, which is gone, or waiting for the future, which never really comes.

Loving freer and caring deeper than ever before. My favorite time is now.


  1. I think my favourite time is right now too. I friggin' LOVE being retired.

    1. The idea terrifies me but it helps knowing others do it well.

  2. My favorite time is right now, too. Life feels very good these days.

  3. Agreeing with you all. Right now is really the best, good and bad, I'm probably the most 'present' than I've ever been.

    I did really love being a mom, so second best time was when my kids were teenagers. They were so much fun to be with and such characters. I miss them immensely.

  4. I wish I could agree. I am happy it is the best time for you though! :-)

  5. I have to say the present is the best time for me, because I'm happy and it took lots of work to get to this point. Memories, family, friends and photos can always remind me of the journey.

  6. This is so hard to answer since every stage has been quite interesting. I loved when my children were young. I enjoyed being a mom of young kids. But I also love this stage in my life as an empty-nester and being a mom of adult daughters. Every period of life has something to offer!

  7. I would have to say my favorite time of life is right now too. I have a loving, supportive partner, a sweet dog, a good job and a lovely garden. What more could I ask for?


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