Monday, August 7, 2017

My Man Loves Kids

Me and my Boy Scout
No really!!  My man meets and greets kids everywhere we go. I am waiting for the day where we get a weird reaction but so far, so good.  He talks to kids in parking lots, stores, parks, restaurants and anywhere else. He loves them and, for the most part, they seem to love him too.

Santa Barbara, a nearby town, had their yearly celebration called Old Spanish Days. 5 days of parties, dancing, music, festivals and parades. Of all the goings on, the Boy Scout let me know that more than anything he wanted to go see the children's parade. So up we went to meet a good friend and enjoy the kiddies display their best dance moves, gussied up bikes, strollers and wagons, and a love of their Spanish heritage.

Living along the coast of California, many of our communities (including Los Angeles and San Francisco) were formed around or near Spanish Missions. Ventura, the city where we live, and Santa Barbara, which is just north of us, are no exception.

The children's parade was just right. No ridiculous dignitaries that take themselves WAAAAYYY to seriously. No politically motivated floats, just the fun of dancing, throwing flowers and confetti and kids. Big kids, little kids, happy kids, fussy kids. So much fun watching and so much fun watching the Boy Scout whistle, talk, dance with, clap for and wave to every kid that would catch his eye.
I am not overly short. Our friend John is especially tall.

I'd love to join these guys. The masks allowed a dancing abandon that might be hard otherwise.

After the parade we met a friend for lunch. So much fun!  Next year for sure but maybe we will take some chairs.


  1. It sounds like a great day, Linda. So colourful!

  2. Wonderful day! Kids are so much fun to entertain. I don't do it often, but once in a while the little buggers inspire me.

  3. It looks like a lot of fun. I love all the beautiful colours!

  4. My step-dad loves kids too. We had so much fun growing up!
    Fun post!


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