Monday, July 10, 2017

Friends Not Fences

We are beginning the process of planning our front yard landscape. The Boy Scout has just finished up a major clean up, working day in and day out removing grass and crabgrass by hand. The drought made the previous jungle (I mean garden) untenable. The first water bill that came close to the $400.00 mark made that clear as a bell.

Previously it looked like this:

It had it's appeal but not really for me.  Now it looks like this:

Now it's time to start planning water-wise landscaping. This California drought is probably never going to be over. Not really. Can't wait to start researching and creating but not the way I once did. The House That Once Held My Heart was a huge part of our lives....changing, planting, painting. Now a days I recognize that a house doesn't love you back and your best efforts should be put into your community; building relationships not fences.

Trying to keep cool on this warm California day.....hope yours is going well too.

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  1. Beautiful! Looks much better. A $400 water bill? YIKES!


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