Friday, June 30, 2017

Angels in America - Part 3

Today, while on our way to the golf course, we encountered an Angel.
Approaching a busy intersection, I noticed an oncoming car quickly pull to the right and stop abruptly. There was no parking and no right turn lane. The driver just stopped and quickly jumped out of the car.  I wondered if there was an accident or if something was wrong with her.  It was then I noticed a tiny, hunched woman with a walker crossing the street. Slowly, each step placed carefully, she hobbled as the light turned against her. The driver hurried over, watched traffic, aided aged woman in getting the walker up the curb and then started to help her cross the next, even longer, cross walk.  A few steps in, they decided to wait. Whether it was because the light had turned or because the tiny woman was just too tired, they retreated back to the corner. I was in the right turn lane and had cars behind me so I had to get moving but I would have loved to have stayed and witnessed an Angel at work. 

May we all be Angels to someone and may there be an Angel present for the people we love when we are unable.


  1. Love this story. So many good people in this world. This is what our news should report.

  2. Kinda restores your faith in humankind a bit, doesn't it?


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