Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Angels In America - Part 2

Yesterday I got one of those phone calls that stops your heart for a few seconds. Child #4, whose nickname is Gigi, called and said, "Mama" and I knew....

Any of you that are parents know that with just a word or two...you know something is very wrong. I wait patiently and listen while she tells me of her car accident ... everyone is ok.....no one hurt badly. ~Breathe~

My thoughts race as I work my program and allow her her space to talk. I want to say “Come home, let me see you, I need to feel OK and right now I am scared", or better yet, "Where are you? I'll be right there." But I don't, I wait to be asked for advice, I don't question who is at fault. I praise my Higher Power that they were driving her boyfriend’s car and not the piece of junk that she drives around. I am assuming her car has airbags in front but I doubt it would have protected her like her boyfriend’s car did. They come home for a few minutes, deposit Dave, the dog, in our care, and go to the emergency room just to be safe. I don't insist on going and I was not asked...so I stayed home. My guess is they are both pretty sore today but I am GRATEFUL, grateful beyond words for today's technologies that keep us safe than ever.
Oh and the angel?  A little old guy in a Ford Focus walked up to my visibly upset girl and said, "Why don't I put your dog in my car while you wait?” She gave him wild Dave and when he came back she said, "I noticed you're limping too. Are you OK?" and he replies back with a smile, "I'm OK, it's been like that for a long time."

Ps. Hopefully the Mama in the Toyota Sequoia in front has been frightened enough to make sure that all the children in her car are secured properly next time. None of them were hurt but she got a tremendous scolding from one of the officers (not to mention, very likely, a HEFTY ticket).


  1. This parenting thing never end when it comes to worry, does it? (((hug)))

  2. I'm glad nobody was seriously hurt. The kids didn't have seat belts on???? I didn't realize there were people out there that still don't use seatbelts! Sweet old guy who took care of her dog. -Jenn

    1. Right? Why in the world would someone do that in this day and age? Crazy.

  3. I am so glad to hear that that everyone is okay. Accident are scary. I won't budge out of the drive way unless everyone is buckled up, I don't care how old they are...

  4. Ouch! That's rough. Glad all were okay.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is okay! That's the most important thing in the world. A mama is a worrying mama forever...


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