Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Horse, Of Course.

Great news!

Remember our adoptive horses? The ones that lived along hole #5 on our golf course.  Well we found out that our horses are safe and sound. Moved to another area of the ranch. What a relief as we were fairly convinced they had been destroyed. 

These guys belong to Thacher School. It's a $60k a year high school that supplies a horse to every student. Perhaps our guys were taking a year off. 

I got in touch with the head of the schools "horse program", a cowboy named Cam, and he assured me that Whitey, Big Knee, Stumpy and Brownie 1-5 are doing well. 

Happy day indeed.  


  1. Each student gets a horse?? Quite the school! I'm glad that they are safe and sound. -Jenn

    1. Yes, it's pretty renowned. People like diplomats and movers and shakers send their kids there to equip them for more moving and shaking. I'd have a hard time sending my kids away. The little time I had them was precious.

  2. Glad to hear they're happy and well!


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