Saturday, May 27, 2017

What, Wait, Not Yet!

No sleep, no sleep, no sleep.  Lie here, listen to meditation tapes, toss, turn....

Snoring Boy Scout, snoring frenchie inching her way up closer and closer to her desired location which is directly between our two pairs of shoulders. I play some games, read, then try again. The night drags on. I find myself enjoying some of my favorite blogs and notice a bit of light coming from behind me. Oh grand, the Boy Scout is awake and playing solitaire as is his wont....we can talk and cuddle.  ALAS, the bit of light is Saturday saying hello. Another night of no sleep. 


  1. I have not had an uninterrupted, full night's sleep since menopause. D'oh! One of the perks of aging, lol. I hope your insomnia eases soon.

  2. No fun but I try not to give it much thought. A few more days and a benedryl will do the trick. Zzzzzzzzzz

  3. Have you tried melatonin? I take 5 - 10 mg and sleep okay most nights. I am still always tired but it does help me fall asleep. And my husband and I sleep separately.

    1. One good thing about slowly going deaf is that you if I take the hearing aids out, I only know their snoring because of the vibrations. I think I'll try the melatonin, worth a shot.

  4. Your jokes made me smile, from one insomniac to another!


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