Friday, May 5, 2017

Thanks For The Memories

Tucked in the little town of Ojai CA is one of our very favorite golf courses. 

It is there at Soule Park that we have met some of the most interesting characters that we, now looking back, wish we had gotten a few phone numbers to enjoy their company once again. There was Dong and Quan, Tom and Marius, Karyl Lynn and Jim and a number of others. It was there we cemented our love for each other, where the Boy Scout taught me to be a better sport and it was there we met some other very special individuals.

Bordering the golf course are parks, hillsides and ranch land. Along hole #5 we got to know and love these guys.
Big Knee and Whitey
Whitey and Big Knee were not alone. There was Stubby and Brownie #1,2,3,4. These guys were shy at first but the Boy Scout, not to be dissuaded, would run to the market to buy carrots and apples each time we went golfing. Whitey was pretty aggressive at first, chasing the others off but he stopped that behavior pretty quick; there was enough for everyone. Three of them would come up and eat out of our hands but the rest remained on the outskirts and we obliged their shyness by tossing apples and carrots to them too. It was gratifying to approach the tee box and hear the Boy Scouts piercing whistle and have the lot of them come-a-running. 

They were a motley group, not too good of shape. I am sorry to say that they have disappeared and we are fairly certain that they have been destroyed. They were old and had health issues....we cannot come up with any other scenario. I like the thought that maybe they were relocated to another pasture but it doesn't look likely.

Bummed at their disappearance, we take solace that we may have added some comfort and pleasure in their days with us. Hole 5 will never be the same.

Thanks for the horse love guys....Big Knee, I hope your knee it working perfectly now. Whitey, be nice to your buddies.


  1. I want to love horses but I'm terrified of them. They seem unruly to me.

    1. I understand totally. Two of my sisters have had horses all their lives but I have never been the least bit interested. I liked them on the other side of the fence just fine though.

  2. They are adorable. The sad ending made my heart ache :(


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