Thursday, May 25, 2017

She Saw Things

Gratitude is a daily choice.

I don't always get there, I often fail miserably but I do try....I really do.

Today I am grateful for a couple of failed attempts to find a family photographer while in Portland. I was going to have my kids all together and thought it was a great time to have some pictures done. When the second one cancelled two days before we left I thought about just forgetting about it but, in the end, I tried again and found someone who would take us on with very short notice. 

I got some fabulous pictures for my effort but there was another boon to the hard work I put in. I met another kindred spirit in this world.  Kindred spirits are hard to find and well worth any effort put in to find them. I met a person who lives with brokenness but chooses to find the beauty in every day. Jen's pictures are unique and lovely just like her soul. Take a look....She Saw Things

I love how, in my desire to stop my crazy controlling behaviors, I let go and found something wonderful. I didn't freak out too bad when the photographers cancelled, I just went with it. TRIUMPH! Hopefully, when I am in the next challenging situation, I will remember how well this worked and not even have to stop myself from going a little nuts. Probably not, but that's OK too. I'll figure it out and keep on trying.

Meanwhile, I have another reason to go back to Portland, one to reconnect with a piece of my heart and another to grow my heart by adding another beautiful traveler to the ever expanding list. 

It's a beautiful day....make the most of it.


  1. Beautiful picture. Beautiful family!

    1. Thanks Birdie. Good times when I had no expectations.

  2. What a great story. It goes along well with my theory that everything happens for a reason. And a great picture too.

    1. I love that idea. I try hard to hold on to that.


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