Thursday, March 30, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake

Last night we had two couples over for dinner. Being my introverted self, I am usually pretty content to not have people over but the Boy Scout is a social being and has the gift of hospitality to be sure. So the invites went out and were quickly and warmly accepted.

After the invites were conveyed, there was a bit of back and forth regarding dietary restrictions. A couple of Paleo's, one non-dairy, no vegetarians. The Boy Scout took each constraint gleefully, as if a test of his ability to adapt and produce good fare despite the handicaps. He did a fantastic job! This girl is not a chef, not even a cook....more of an "as needed (meaning I'm hungry right now) put together whatever takes the least amount of work" kind of gal. I am in awe of his talent but, even more so, his ability to do it with such ease and confidence, as if he were accomplishing a task that he has done since childhood. Perhaps it is my fear of failure that keeps me from enjoying the task....he does not seem to have that at all.

The before dinner cheese plate that included nuts, dried fruits and fruit was eaten (well, except for the cheese, which is not Paleo) and then on to dinner. Chicken and vegetable kebabs, rice, roasted sweet potatoes and wine were filling the house with sweet aromas that comforted my apprehensions and awakened the hungers pangs that had dissipated as the guests arrived.

Conversation was friendly and light-hearted, never dipping into the realm of gossiping, but sticking with rich life experiences at home and abroad. We talked of a young man who presented his poetry to us just days before....of his intelligence and creativity. He calls himself  Levi the Poet; check him out; you may enjoy it. We talked of church and big ideas, homes and heartbreaks. All of it was uplifting; not dark or foreboding but hopeful.

Four people walked in our home practically strangers, they left as friends. What could be better?

PS. There was no cake,...cake is not Paleo and definitely not no dairy :(


  1. Sounds like fun! Except for the no cake part. Cake would be hard to give up.

  2. It sounds like a great time was had. Lucky you that you've got such a great cook around!

    1. When practicing my gratefulness, it comes to mind frequently.


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