Friday, March 24, 2017

Fighting A Good Fight

Life is freaking short!

I cannot, will not, spend it idle. Planted on the couch in front of the tube or sleeping it away. My soul screams at me, "Get moving, our time is short and getting shorter every day." There's a bit of frantic inside of me that bumps up against others, those who love me.

Maybe that's why sleep often eludes me. Perhaps my soul is undermining my ability to rest satisfactorily. There is so much I want to do, so much I want to see and experience. One of these days the ever present call from my heart will be even louder than the fears and the pragmatic parts of me. When it wins out, I will pack my bags at a moments notice, charge my handy devices so that I can take care of what is needed from wherever I may be, then I will drive, simply drive. Without a map or a plan, as long as I have a warm jacket and a bathing suit and, perhaps, a few things in between, off I'll go. My kids will find me at the other end of my iPhone.

At 53, cartwheels have gotten a little difficult, a run at the beach is not as smooth or painless as it once was and a hike steals my oxygen sooner than it once did. BUT I fight that!! I do not age gracefully.

There is still so much to do♥


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