Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

I follow way too many blogs to actually keep up with them all. I decided to do a purge and came across Deaf, Gray and Italian. How could I have missed this one for so long? Mary Grace's latest post, Reflections On Being Deaf, Gray and Italian on the “eve” of my 70th birthday, is amazing and lovely.

As my world grows more and more quiet, and as I struggle more to seem "normal" in any given social situation, there is much to hold on to....much to be grateful for. My diagnosis of Meniere's Disease back when I was 32 took my breath away, but life moved forward and the demands of 4 kids, a full time job and everything else life requires of us were always met in one way or another. In my 40's, I got by with a little help from my friends (well, mostly my kids). Rarely alone, they, without direction from me, slowly stepped forward...listening for me. Little by little, they became my ears in noisy stores, restaurants or soccer fields. Now-a-days, my ever present sidekicks are off doing their own things, as it should be. I have a new partner in my quiet walk and, from him, I have experienced nothing but patience and kindness. Mary Grace mentioned how lucky we are to live in a time of cochlear implants. I too am so thankful that if and when the time comes and these wonderful little things called hearing aids no longer serve their purpose, I have options. 

I'm sitting here now, hearing very little but the sharper sounds in this room and can still be grateful. We get that choice and, for the most part, I choose it. 

Just an update....we've received a ton of rain here in Southern California and there is more on the way!!! So needed and welcome. I'm happy, my yard is happy but my dog....not so much.  I have to force her out in the cold and the rain to do her business. Grrrrrr! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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