Thursday, January 5, 2017

Live In The Now

I am banking of this to be true.

Today I am grateful for the fact that I am not a good sleeper. I woke up to a strange noise and since am nearly deaf, that is a miracle in itself. At first I thought the Boy Scout was snoring and, as his snoring takes on a multitude of manifestations, I dismissed the noise and went back to the effort of falling asleep. The noise persisted and seemed to come from the wrong direction. When I sat up, I realized the noise coming from Sophie and it was not a familiar one. Anyone with a Frenchie knows that they make a ton of strange noises but this was a sort of rasp. When I got to her, I found her choking on the sweater that I had put on her earlier in the day. It had made its way down her back somehow but I had looped it through her collar and the result was her laying there gasping for air. Quickly, I removed her collar and stroked her head and body. After a moment or two, she sat up, looked at me seriously, blinked her watery eyes a
few times, took a deep breathe and laid back down to sleep.

We could learn from dogs....the way they live in the moment. 


  1. That is something to be grateful for! And animals do live in the moment. Right now my cat is just sittting, staring. At nothing. And he is totally content.

    1. Hahahaha...I love it! I can barely sit still to watch TV, let alone be stuck with only my thoughts.

      Happy New Year Birdie. ♥♥


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