Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Caring For Others

The Christmas holiday came and went but was loaded with special moments.

Christmas Eve found me, quite surprisingly, at church with three of my four kids (I missed that fourth greatly but she was taking care of what she needed to take care of). My boys both have fairly skeptical views of religion in general, which I respect, but I tremendously enjoyed getting to share my church community with them, even for just an hour. The kids spent the morning with their dad so the Boy Scout and I took it easy with a beautiful walk on the beach. The weather was amazing.  We talked about the year past, our hopes for the coming year, the idea of having a New Year's resolution and a variety of other subjects.

Back at the house by noonish, the Boy Scout went full speed ahead with an amazing amount of energy putting together a dinner for 9. The dinner was incredible with:
Rack of Pork with chutney sauce
Potatoes and Squash au gratin
Green Beans with Wine and Shallots
Warm Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Toasted Walnuts
The ninth guest was to be the Secret Keeper (the kids father), and while he did not make it to dinner he did finally show up around 7:00. The Boy Scout and the Secret Keeper met for the first time and, while it had the potential for being a mess, there was just a little bit of awkwardness before the night went on as usual. Not too bad!! 

I got a lovely note from one of the kids thanking me for doing something that I would have rather not done so that the Secret Keeper did not sit home alone and so that the kids did not have to feel guilty about choosing one of us over the other. It was sweet and full of empathy.

The kids have left and there is a little bit of funk in my mood but I'll get on over that pretty quick. Hope that your holidays were filled with love and acceptance and a healthy dose of peace.

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  1. You are such a nice person! I'm happy to hear all went well.


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