Monday, October 10, 2016

Who Do You Want To Be?

The past week has reminded me that I have no control over anything but myself (and sometimes not even that) and that I have to trust my Higher Power for peace and remember my job to be grateful.

  • I am grateful that my Chica-girl has the incredible strength to keep trying. Striving for a sense of peace and practicing a tremendous amount of self care in order to move forward. Stepping out even though it can be a very scary world and asking for help at a time that many others cut themselves off.
  • Grateful for my Gigi who got pretty darn sick in the last 48 hours and reminded me that I am still needed and valued as a mom even though there are no kids living in my home (unless you count the Boy Scout, who happens to be the biggest kid in the world).
  • For the girl I call a Tornado, who stepped up and attentively cared for my Gigi in my absence. It's nice to have someone with a strong voice as your advocate when you are feeling weak.
  • Grateful for the Boy Scout who remains flexible and allows me to put my kids first when I need to. This guy is, plain and simple, a really good sport in addition to having a tremendous capacity to forgiveness.
  • For a broken man who is trying, so hard, to be a good dad.
  • For a quirky young man who makes my daughter happy.
  • Grateful for my sisters, whose combined life experiences help me through just about anything.
I am actively practicing my program by trying not to take control of everyone, waiting to be asked, asking permission before going forward, trusting that my God loves my kids even more than I do and clearing up my side of the street daily as best I can.

The weather is acting like fall again which, here in Southern California, means low to mid 70's. Great golfing weather. My Gigi is feeling better and it's new week and I am anticipating good things. Hope life is treating you good and, if not, I hope you are able to find something to be grateful for.

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