Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Let's Fall A Little

Signs of fall fill the air even in sunny California. The mornings are darker and have a bit of a chill to them. The bedroom window remains open but maybe not quite as open as before. The children of Ventura are back to their routines and the soccer fields are full. Our late afternoon golf is being pressed into ever tightening spans and I am looking forward to the twilight rates starting a little earlier in the day. 

We play a lot up in a tiny town called Ojai. It has its appeal. The Ojai stereotype wears Birkenstocks and drives a Volvo. It's considered a bastion for liberals with strong connections to Hollywood. A good proximity to studios, theaters and clubs but out of the way from the hustle and bustle and starstruck fans. There are two courses up there; the Ojai Valley Inn, which is beautiful and expensive, and our little course called Soule Park. I love it up there, nestled in the mountains with oak trees and pines vying for their space in the sun. 

The Boy Scout and I have played, fought, kissed, talked, strategized, sang and dreamed (and did I mention fought) up on this golf course. If we lost each other today it would always hold a very special place in my heart. Last time we were there, I talked to him about what a good teacher he has been to me. So patient and encouraging, no matter how bad the shot he would have something nice to say. I think it might have been on hole 8 where he turned to me and said something like, "If you've been taught by me, you've been taught by my dad."  So very sweet. I wish I could have met the Boy Scout's parents....I might understand him a little better if I had.

Anyway, one lovely thing about Ojai is that when the beach is socked in with fog (which can be anytime but especially May, June, September), a drive up the mountain reveals a warm sunny spot to shop or play. It can get pretty toasty in the summer; often times reaching into the 90's but the fog can weigh heavy on my heart so the sunny heat can be a nice reprieve. 

If you ever visit Los Angeles, a short trip north to Ventura, Ojai and Santa Barbara is well worth the time, especially in the fall. But don't expect New England here......we don't have seasons. We have loads of warm and sunny days and the days in between warm and sunny are usually very bearable. Our trees, except for a few, are not aware that they are suppose to change colors. 

The fall has come and it is more than welcome. 

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