Monday, August 29, 2016

Be Proud of That Shit

Yesterday was an interesting day.

Being completely without a bathroom has taken its toll on my mental health to be sure. First world problem, I know, but I use a tub like some use drown the worries of my day and wash off the nasty build up this world can pile on top. It is not uncommon for me to take an hour or more with math puzzles or a good book and a dose of very hot water and be able to emerge feeling like a new woman. 

BIG meltdown yesterday....wasn't pretty....not proud.

Pulled it together, with the help of the Boy Scout and had a great game of golf with a good friend. It was bloody hot while we walked the first 9 holes, so we grabbed a cart the second half. Left the course near dark feeling happy, tired and extremely dirty. Hooked up a hose (duct tape saves the day once again) to the sink in the garage and took a warm shower on the back patio after golf. Desperate means call for desperate measures. Turned out to be a sweet evening showering in the moonlight with three dogs looking on as if I had lost my mind.

Another great day of life.


  1. Couple of questions- What happened to your bathroom? And is your patio private? Just curious :)

  2. A good friend who redoes bathrooms for a post-retirement hobby talked me into letting him re-do my one and only 5X8 bathroom. Promised he'd make sure we had a working toilet and we'd shower nightly at our gym nearby. BUT...he couldn't keep the toilet due to unstable floor and it's going to be 1 month of no bathroom :(

    Patio is private but it didn't stop Ms Pruddy Mc Prude Face from feeling more than just a little uncomfortable but it was that or go to bed with sand smothered sunblock all over my legs and I gave in and gave the dogs a show.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. By the way...I'm laughing with you not at you ;)


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