Monday, July 25, 2016

Empty Nest

Alrighty, so it has happened. I am officially considered an empty-nester (unless you take into account three dogs).

I said goodbye to my boy on Saturday morning. The old familiar ache tightened and twisted until breathing felt a little hard. The little rain cloud that has followed me since then has not been storming but drizzling. We still had a nice rest of the day, a bump in the road Saturday evening, a great game of golf with some wonderful people on Sunday and then dinner at a little Mexican stand the serves the best food ever.

Going into the garage that no longer contains young person debris makes me a little sad too but there is a bright side. It was time....time for him to start a new life that doesn't have a mom watching over his shoulder. It was time for me to take a deep breath and say, "He can do this without your help and, for sure, without your input". My desire is for him to be happy and flourish but that is HIS job, not mine. 

I will be grateful for a number of things:
  • for the extra time I was given to create special moments and have meaningful conversations
  • for the ability to house a kid for awhile while he planned and saved for the next chapter in his life.
  • for a tidy garage. 
  • for a tiny little house that somehow made room.
  • for a Boy Scout that is considerate and kind to this mess of a lady.
  • for a special couple who provided three of my children with fabulous educations.
  • and for the ability to find the beauty in ugliness, the bright-side of a dark day, the silver lining that wasn't always visible to me but now is. 
Grateful saves the day again. 


  1. As an about to be empty nester I love this post.

  2. I wish you the best Birdie. Keep your focus my friend.♥


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