Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Birdies, Bogeys and Eagles

Today I am going to talk golf. I just passed the year mark from my first lesson but I have learned far more than just how to play golf. 

Last week the Boy Scout and I went to one of our favorite courses and I found out that I simply had forgotten how to use the sticks packed in my bag. My trusty gap wedge and 8 iron had minds of their own and they were not interested in meeting the Titleist #4. Not much was working. Despite that fact and since we had had a bit of a problem the week before that required a PEP talk from the BS, I kept up pretty well. I stopped myself from being too negative and felt proud when we finished up. 
Afterwards we stopped and had a nice dinner and beer (hahahaha, don't mind telling you that sounds so weird coming from me, but I'm still keeping an open mind) and a review of the day. He remembers each and every shot and always points out my good ones. My man loves this game. He shared it with his father first, then with special friends and for business. It's a great way to spend an afternoon, talking, laughing (sometimes arguing) and enjoying each others company...him with a warmth that permeates each shot and with sage advice to this novice who has fallen in love with him and his game.

Aside from the obvious benefits of playing golf with my guy, I've met the most wonderful ladies on the course. Janet "The Connector" who keeps us bonding and playing and who bares her wounded heart to me and hears my sorrows too, Margaret "The Gentle One" who has lovely and sweet spirit, Barrie "The Spunky One" who is one of the most positive people I've met, Laura "The Enigma" who defies description but draws me in like a moth to a porch light on a warm summers evening and a number of other special gals. Their affection and support on the course has been a big draw to the game. We talk about everything in between our encouraging "Well Done's" and "Good Shot's". We've all been chewed up and spit out by lovers or spouses or parents and we are still there...looking for our gratefulness, sharing the beauty of the nature around us, sharing the beauty that is inside of us and that we still have to offer despite that fact that the world has been a little rough.

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