Sunday, June 5, 2016

Look Some More

On a difficult day, what is beautiful?

That is my find the lovely in the ugliness, to reach deep into my heart and redirect my default to a new place. As growth takes place, I realize that my thoughts are the biggest problem I have. Not circumstance, not loved ones doing things that scare me, not lack of savings or security, not aging or loneliness or the ever present fear of betrayal; it's focus.

But for all the many wonderful things in life, in the world, it is amazing how much space the negative can take up in my head. Beauty is everywhere and I will find it. 


  1. There has been research done on negative thinking and why we are so prone to it. What they have discovered is focusing on the negative keeps us safe. Thousands of years ago remembering a certain path has bears keeps us from going down there again. Of course, there might be a beautiful path but we don't remember it because there really isn't any reason to, from a Survival of the Fittest point of view. Even now, we avoid intersections that are particularly busy, don't go out at night in certain neoghbourhoods and stay away from mayo that has been sitting out in the sun. We have to keep the negative in the front of our brains.
    Now of course we may dwell in negative and that is when we can get into trouble. It is like a tornado. It starts out small and becomes all consuming. I actually have an app that sends me reminders several times throughout the day to remind me to 'check in' to see where my mind is at. More often than not I am in a negative space and have to stop and refocus. I have used this reminder for so long now that I can now check in without the reminders.

    1. Would love the name of that app as I have a long way to go on this journey♥ Also, thanks for checking in and sharing your experience, strength and hope.

  2. I have a few but my favourite is Mindfulness Daily. I have it set to send me 'check in' reminders 6 times a day. Though I can check in with myself without the app now it still often surprises me when the reminder comes up and I am stressed or ruminating or worrying about something. The checking in has been one of the single most important parts to staying out of depression.


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