Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Be The Light For Someone

Today I went to have my annual exam.  TMI, I know but ah well. Afterwards, out in the car, I took a deep breath and, low and behold, started crying. I went ahead and did the deed, let it flow and then took the time to analyze. 

Two years ago, after we discovered the lifestyle my ex-husband had been living for an extended period of time, I had an epiphany. Call me naive, but it was a number of days before I realized that I needed to call my OB-GYN and let them know what had happened. I can remember the exact spot on the freeway that it occurred to me, I remember pulling off and over to the side of the road to make the call. I got through to the doctor and promptly fell apart while trying to explain the situation. She gleamed enough through my hysteria to figure it out, then she kindly and efficiently gave me instructions, repeating them two (perhaps three) times. She called the local lab, got me in there and scheduled me for her office first thing in the morning. I went in.....she was business laced with empathy....a perfect mix. She called me with results each time something came in...calmed me and figured out a game plan.

Today, two years later, it struck me how vulnerable I was and how tenderly, whether knowingly or not, she handled the situation. Today, she was business as usual but I will not forget....I will not forget the many people who helped me through. Hopefully, I will pay it forward again and again and again. So grateful!

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  1. It is very, very rare when being kind is not the answer. I am glad you found that with your OB-GYN.


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