Monday, June 27, 2016

Bad Judgment?

Still full of fears but learning, day by day, to be grateful and happier. Being purposeful about enjoying the moment and allowing my heart to fill up with the beauty around me. Found this 10 step list a few months back and read them each morning before I begin my work.

10 Truths that Happy People Never Forget

Happy people:

1.    They believe that they are completely worthy of happiness in life.
2.   They don’t let their circumstances decide their mood or their overall state of happiness.
3.   They are grateful, always and every day, rain or sunshine.
4.   They are extremely generous – they give and help and serve others frequently.
5.   They love life, they accept life and feel in harmony with life.
6.   They are free of judgment, be it themselves or others.
7.   They get curious, rather than angry, when things don’t go their way.
8.   They believe in their own power to make change for the better.
9.   They seek inner peace, solitude and meditation regularly.
10. They believe human beings are innately good.

This weekend I was forced to face a fact that I really didn’t want too. I try hard to be open minded and non-judgmental but I realized I am judgmental of a number of things, one being women who, I feel, make life harder for other women. Women who base their value on their appearance enough that they alter it in ways that make it impossible for the average gal to measure up. The 60 year old that looks 30. The little gal with zero body fat but sporting double D’s. In particular, the ladies in the National Charity League are the object of my disdain with their photo ops and news paper articles bragging "Look what I am doing" in my Jimmy Choo's and my Dolce Cabbana. Working hard on realizing that they too have learned to live in the society that so often values looks over content.  But my heart rebels, it screams out to be loved as I am without cutting or suction or lasers. 

I’m a work in progress but now that I’ve acknowledged it, I will attempt to be more kind.

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