Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Resilience Will Help You Through

It can't be said for everyone nor for all situations but it can be applied in a beautiful way to many tough times. 

When I think about some of my hardest times, I realize that having them turn into blessings has got to be a choice one makes. When looking at friends and acquaintances that have lost children; somehow, miraculously, some of them are able to find some peace and blessings and others cannot and do not ever. I don't judge; that has not been my journey and I cannot fathom how those who are able to find peace do so. 

I only know that, for me, when faced with hardships, many of my years were spent saying, "This is not fair", rather than, "How can I grow from this", or "Where is the lesson I need to learn". Resilience was not a quality I knew a lot about.

Practicing daily gratefulness, meditation, prayer and faith in my Higher Power has changed that somewhat. Not every time and not in every situation right off the bat, but often times, I am able to work my way there and have become a much happier person for it.

It’s a beautiful day in Ventura. I hope that yours is spent with happy heart.

ps. Feeling grateful today for 4 wonderful kids and the biggest kid of all. Felt overwhelming love on Mothers Day♥

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