Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Relax Dammit

I used to be a hard core sleeper. I could sleep through absolutely anything! Earthquakes, power tools, kids parties, etc.  The funny thing though, I never slept through my babies crying. I was a nursing mom for a lot of that time and I would wake at the first peep. The sleeping brain is so very interesting.

Now-a-days, as I've shared before, sleep is a toughie. Many nights I will wake around 3:00 or 3:30 and be done...occasionally falling back down at 5ish. I've learned not to freak out about it, trusting that if not tomorrow night, then maybe the night after, I will sleep. I can get a little tweaked when it is the fault of someone else but otherwise I just try to quiet my brain and relax.

Some YouTube videos have helped me get a little more balance and taught me how to relax when my brain will not cooperate. I listen to the following:



The second video has an introduction and has to be started almost 4 minutes into the video to get to the meditation portion but that one helped me tremendously when my trouble began almost two years ago.

Finally, unrelated to sleep, I also listen to Affirmations. Doing so has helped me change my negative thought process of seeing (or worrying about) the bad as opposed to having a positive default. I will play these in the background at work or sometimes in the car and find them very helpful.


Wishing you a very happy, positive day and a peaceful night of sleep tonight

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