Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rationalize, Justify, Apologize....I Don't Think So

Continuing living my life as the "Child of God" has helped in some new ways that even "being grateful" wasn't helping. I'm letting my loved ones do what they need to do, good or bad, and attempting to remain steadfast. Perfectly? NO but far better than I have in the past. Al-Anon reminds us that it is Progress Not Perfection and I will hold onto that with all my heart. No need to beat myself up due to failures....just make my amends and keep on trying to do better. 

Funny how others can be blind to their own faults. They can point out yours and give warnings or pep talks but not recognize their own mess. Good thing that is no longer my responsibility (not that it ever really was). People will do what they do and we, as individuals, get to decide how that does or does not fit into our lives. Openly communicating needs and then bravely, we must move forward, holding onto our values, doing as little harm as possible but willing to set free or erect new, stronger boundaries with the people in our lives that simply cause to much destruction, fear, distrust or resentment. Easier said than done but imperfectly possible when remembering who we really are.

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