Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Moving Ever Forward

I desire to be an authentic person. Authentic people practice the following:
1. They don’t fake their feelings. Highly authentic people don’t hide their feeling or pretend they are feeling something they are not. If they are upset, they show it. If they like someone, they let them know. They express their feelings honestly and openly without fear or prejudice. 
2. They don’t worry about pleasing everyone. Highly authentic people strive to show compassion and understanding to everyone, but they don’t strive to live up to others’ expectation or bother to please everyone. They know you cannot please everyone and you shouldn’t even try.
3. They don’t lie. People who are not self-aware and self-assured tell lies so easily and readily that it becomes second nature to them. However, highly authentic people tell the truth always because they know lies destroy trust and relationships. Tell the truth even when it is difficult to do so and you will never have to look back on your life with regret for lies told.
4. They don’t pretend to be someone they’re not. Many people pretend they are someone they are not to fit in and be accepted. Highly authentic people don’t pretend they are famous, poor or even more talented than they actually are just so others like them. They are their true selves always.
5. They don’t dwell on the past. Highly authentic people live in the moment. They don’t let the past dictate their future.
6. They don’t blame others for their own mistakes. Highly authentic people don’t shift blame for their own failings. They take responsibility for every decision and action they make in their own life, whether the outcome is positive or negative. When you are the first to admit you were wrong or that you made a mistake somewhere, you open doors for genuine help, support and guidance from others.
7. They don’t value material possessions over life experiences. Highly authentic people see beauty in experiences and relationships. They know meaningful experiences and bonds make life worth living.
8. They don’t deny love and kindness to others. Being authentic is being loving. Highly authentic people don’t hate, demoralize or bring others down. Instead, they show love, kindness and appreciation to others indiscriminately.
9. They don’t keep a closed mind. When you keep a closed mind, chances are you will be rude, intolerant or completely abusive toward other people’s feelings and beliefs. Free yourself from rigidly fixed preconceptions by listening with an open mind to new ideas and arguments.
10. They don’t hang with toxic people. Highly authentic people know that you are the average of the people you keep around you.

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