Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Duper Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday.....I was dreading this day more than I can say. I did my self talk, got support from my sister and daughters and changed my attitude but as we drove up to the house my anxiety rose.

A huge party with not one person I knew except the Boy Scout was hard. In the best of times, even with people I know, I wouldn't normally accept the invite with that size group.  But the man was super excited (people he loves and his very own Broncos) and my heart desires to please him, so off to the party I went. As we parked, I may have melted down just a bit (or a bit more), but he calmly and quietly talked to me and I mustered my courage. With a promise from the man to not leave me alone without "permission", we entered and I tried to stop thinking about my discomfort and focused on trying to remember names and being friendly and loving the Boy Scout.

Not too bad! Still would have rather stayed home but everyone was pretty friendly. It was fun to watch my man in his element, where he kind of grows and becomes bigger, smiles more and his eyes sparkle. I went because I love him and I could do made him happy, but I might have been the bigger recipient. It feels great to strive to be better for someone we love. And, even though I know I am supposed to be the best me for ME, loving someone is a wonderful motivator.

Well done Broncos!

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