Monday, February 15, 2016

Damaged Goods

One thing I've realized in the last couple of months is that I am damaged goods. Even though I try to work the steps, have a grateful heart, focus on mindfulness....even though I do all that, my deep need to feel safe causes me to say and do things that I usually regret and sometimes cause damage to others.

Just because I see this, does not mean I know what to do with it. At times, I am at a loss. All I can do is keep trying, doing the best I can, I suppose.

I know I need to get to the place where, when I feel scared and panicky, I am able to say, "Linda, this is fear, it is just a feeling, it does not need to be acted on. Feel it, embrace it, let it slip away over time. It's okay babe....ride it out".  SOMEDAY......


  1. I work with the elderly and I can tell you without a doubt that the most broken ones are the ones who have truly learned life's lessons. They are the kindest and have the most insight into life. The ones who have lived a charmed life with a silver spoon in their mouth are often unkind and can't see past their own noses.
    It reminds me of the tale of the broken pot.
    I would rather spend my time with someone broken and knows it than someone who has never known trouble.

  2. Good stuff to chew on Birdie. I hadn't thought about it from that point of view. Thank you, so much, for sharing.

    Have a wonderful week♥


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