Monday, January 11, 2016

Who Am I?

This realization has hit hard. Not only due to the fact that I need to be more accountable to myself about how I spend my time but also because it is a tool that, if used properly, gives deep insight into others and who they actually are.

The truth is, no matter what the words are, no matter what I tell myself is truth, my actions are what counts. Actions are what counts. ACTIONS ARE WHAT FUCKING COUNTS.

Words are empty without the actions behind them. Our main focuses are what is defining us ... whether that be out of self protection, deflection, discovery, metamorphosis or just pure LAZY ASS nothingness. Filling our brain with garbage leads to fucking garbage! Filling our brains with; goodness, kindness, acceptance, authenticity, benevolence,  determination, enthusiasm, forgiveness, grace, God, motivation, compassion, maturity, peace, wholeheartedness, truthfulness, trust, belonging, sincerity, kindness is the gold standard. A high and lofty goal.

Excuse the language....frustrated as hell.

Feel the need to read a good book, take a restock and rethink what is important to me.

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