Wednesday, January 27, 2016

To Do List

Things on my daily to do list to increase happiness and decrease enmity.

  1. Gratefulness...The more I practice it, and I mean PRACTICE, the happier I am.
  2. Stop Comparing...I am who I am. A little wrinkled, very flat chested and prone to criticism and mood swings. On the other hand, I am a great listener, very loyal, I try to be kind, have a wonderful head of hair and am in pretty good shape for 52. I keep trying to improve but not to be like someone else, just a better me.
  3. Lower Expectations...not giving in or giving up just learning to let things happen.
  4. Love People for Who They Are.,..Whew, hard one but it feels really good to them and it feels good to me when I manage it. Live and let live.
  5. Facing Fears...Daily doing things that challenge my long held beliefs or my introverted tendencies.
  6. Love Me Too.

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