Friday, January 15, 2016

Stormy Weather

Last night my girl was not acting herself. I knew something wasn't right but I asked and she brushed me off. I waited for awhile and went into her room, sat next to her bed and gave her a chance to talk and talk she did.

She's dealing with a heartbreak and a disappointment. She's having to make a hard decision that she wishes she didn't have to make. I have some very strong opinions in the matter but my Al-Anon tools took over. They told me to be quiet and to listen and to wait. She talked and talked. She did not ask my opinion, I did not give it. Amazing!

She knows what to do, she does not need me to advise. Constantly telling loved ones what to do sends them the message that you feel they are incapable of making good decisions for themselves, hamstringing their decision making process and not allowing them the victories or repercussions of good or bad choices.

I'm late to the learning process but better late than never. I learn way more from my kids than I have ever taught them. I am so grateful. Grateful to know that my kids are smart and don't really need me but still want me. Grateful to know that we can weather the storms that life sends us together. Grateful to know that all things turn out the way they are suppose to and that accepting the process is another step in learning to be a happier person.

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