Saturday, January 30, 2016

Love Sweet Love

Yesterday, I was having a sweet little chat with my girl. We talked about lots of things, caught up on what her friends were up to and progress in school. I love it when we both have the time and inclination to do this. Making true connections is what life is all about and, being an introvert, deeper conversation is how I roll, small talk zaps my energy.

She mentioned that she was putting some of my "mom" cream on her face as it was really dry from a medication she was taking, and that as she applied it she thought about how she realizes I use the cream to alleviate wrinkles in some small way and that she just doesn't see wrinkles when she looks at me. She says she just sees her beautiful mom. SWEET!  Funny thing was, I relayed to her that I had just been thinking about something along the same line as her. The other day she had been pretty upset at some breakouts she was having and it made me sad that she wasted a minute of her happiness on zits. I said they look much worse to her than they do to anyone else. We both learned something in that conversation, stuff we already knew but needed reminding. We both walked away loving ourselves and each other just a wee bit more and, I for one, don't want to waste more time regretting my wrinkles. I earned every one of them.

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