Friday, December 18, 2015

What Could Be Better?

What could be better than to spend the day with really nice people, perfect weather, on a gorgeous golf course and some good food?

Feeling grateful for the ability to move forward with my life and to experience new and wonderful things. My golf game was disappointing but, honestly, it would not have mattered if I had whiffed every ball...I was living in the moment and could not have been much happier than I was.

We started at 10:00 with a warm up. The 5 of us on our team, 3 of whom I have been friends with for about 30 years, played our 18 holes. Afterwards, we joined up with the two other teams and all the spouses and the winning team was awarded the trophy. The conversation was light and engaging. Finally we enjoyed a nice dinner and watched the sunset in shades of red and brilliant orange over the beautiful mountains we call home.

Grateful seems a small word today. As the stress of the holidays infringes on my peace, my goal is to hold onto what is truly important...the people we love, time spent together and the knowledge that through happiness and grief, I am learning to have grateful as a default.

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